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News And Events
Shri.Reuben Mathew Jacob IRS resumed the charge of MD, LDCL
 Shri.Reuben Mathew Jacob IRS assumed charge of Managing Director w.e.f 17.09.2015 vide order F.No.12/25/2015-Services/2990 dated 22.09.2015 of the Administration of U.T.of Lakshadweep
Buyer Seller Meet-2016
 For the first time in the history of U T of Lakshadweep LDCL is organizing a Buyer Seller Meet at Kochi on 01.03.2016 in association with Departments of Agriculture and Fisheries. The Buyer Seller Meet is being convened pursuant to the vision of the Honourable Administrator of U T of Lakshadweep to provide an opportunity for the sellers/ farmers of Lakshadweep to directly meet the potential buyers from mainland for the products of Coconut and Fish and market their products to them.
Posted On 13.02.2016
Joining of new Barges to the fleet of vessels
 M.V.Sagar Yuvraj the 800 MT barge has joined the fleet of LDCL on 11.02.2016 and M.V.SAgar Samrat is expected to join the fleet by 16.02.2016.
Posted On 10.02.2016
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Lakshadweep Development Corporation Ltd.
Panampilly Nagar,

1. Shri. Farooq Khan IPS,

Hon’ble Administrator, U.T.L., Kavaratti – Chairman

2. Dr.Tariq Thomas IAS

Collector U.T.L. -Member

3. Shri. Reuben Mathew Jacob IRS,
IRS,Managing Director, LDCL & secretary(Fy)
U.T.L, Kavaratti-Member
4. Dr.M.P.Anwar,
Director ,Fisheries, U.T.L, Kavaratti. -Member
5. Dr.C.N.Ravishankar,
Director ,CIFT.-Member

Smt.Asha.C.Paramesawaran ,
Joint Director (QC), MPEDA, Kochi -Member

7. Shri. Shubhankar Ghosh,
DANICS,Director PSA,UTL.-Member
8. Shri . Jatin Goyal,
DANICS,Director(Tourism), U.T.L.-Member
9. Shri K.Buzar Jamhar,
Director (Industries),UTL.-Member

Shri.Ajith Sukumaran ,
Principal Officer, Mercentile Marine dept-Member


Dr.K.A Simon ,
Director ,School of Marine Engineering CUSAT -Member



Senior Faculty Member, Bussiness School CUSAT-Member



Shri.Vedanga Prabhu ,
Senior Chartered Accountant ,M/s George,John & Prabhu-Member